web-on (asia) ltd was established in 1999, is a leading Hong Kong  based IT developer committed to providing cost-effective advanced technology for clients. Since our establishment, we have built 1,000+ websites for 120+  customers by using our in-house developed Content Management System - webCMS.

By year 2011, we reorganized our webCMS into a new Interlocking Modular Platform - webGO™. In 2014, we further develop RARe™suite based on the success of webGO™, devoting our best know how into Restaurant Automation.



Our core competence is to under user requirement and provide IT solution in latest proven technology. 


Scope of Services included:

- Information Portal Development

- Web Application Development

- Android & iOS Apps Development

- End-to-end Restaurant Automation (RARe)


Scope of Services for Restaurants :

- Internet (Website, Mobile app)

- Shop Front (Digital Signage, Queuing, Pre-Order/Takeaway Kiosk)

- In-Shop (POS, Kitchen Display System, Service, Members, Pay@table, Self-Service Ordering)

- Administration / Management


Our team is composed by specialists from IT, project management, sales and marketing field. Our team goal: ensure clients’ investment on the Best IT Solution.


We collaborate with companies from different industries, which include electronic payment platforms, technology companies, semiconductor companies and so on.