Since 2011, web-on has been working on webGO™ module based on webCMSr3. webGO™ module consists of different modules, clients can combine different modules with various functional modes to fit into their needs. webGO™ module is flexible, which is good fit to different industries, like F&B, retail etc. By applying webGO™ module, companies can enhance the service standard and alleviate manpower shortage.

goSignage is different from traditional menu and advertising display options. Multimedia contents display, support cloud-based centralized control with localised setting override.


goBot is a brand-new project on auto guide vehicle and robot. By introducing robotic technology as a new momentum, we bring restaurant automation in a new level.
The first product from goBot series is goBot.rail, inspired by bullet train, will unveil in Big Barn in Dec 2017. Customers place order through tabletop tablets, then the model train carry the ordered dishes and stop beside the table, provide a unique dining experience for customers.

goCRM can record and classify member information. It also sends out promotional message to enhance customer loyalty.

goKiosk is our latest product with 2 different major functions:

Payment and ordering.

goQueue module is a fast, convenient and centralization solution to streamline restaurant queue flow as well as improve allocation of manpower and resource. Different from traditional queue system, customers are given a queue number and the queue number will be displayed on the digital screen once there is vacancy.

In addition to display the queue status on the digital signage, the integrated queue system can be used to present promotional messages and advertisements as well.

goMenu break the limits of printed menu, helps restaurants transform a handful of photos, description sentences into interactive and stylish digital menu.

Interface of POS is clear and easy to use, it is flexible and multifunctional, suitable for restaurants’ daily operation use. It can also integrate with KDS to facilitate operation process.